Mini Segway or hoverboard or balance board, just make sure its a SwagTron

By Roger Waldens | Hoverboards

Jul 01

Buying a mini segway, or a hoverboard, or a balance board? First things first, it’s a great time to buy one. Reason being that the new crop of hoverboards are finally a 100% safe and approved by a US Govt. agency, the CPSC.

I myself was very wary of these fire-starters, these hoverboards, but then I read a detailed article about the new next generation hoverboards and realized that things have actually changed.

When your hoverboard’s battery is encased in a special aluminum allow chamber that cannot be damaged by a 10-ton crush test, and that is completely fire-proof, then you don’t have much to worry about. And over that these hoverboards have a special fire-retardant incombustible body made from a poly carbonate. Also the foot pads are made from fire-retardant material, the internal components have a fire-retardant silicone coating, there is a special Smart Battery Management System that prevents overcharging, over voltage, over current and short circuits.

With all this under the hood of a SwagTron, I for one felt quite reassured about their safety standards. The one safety standard that covers all of this is of course the UL 2272 standard, from Underwriters Laboratories, the world’s leading safety and quality standards organization that is a hundred and fifty years old.

SwagTron created a video of the tests that the SwagTron has passed to get the UL 2272 certification.

After seeing all of this I am pretty sure that you too are convinced about the quality and safety of the SwagTron hoverboards.

Since they are the best and clearly the safest hoverboards in the world, they will be amongst the most expensive right? Wrong. The SwagTron T1 is priced at $399, which is exactly the same as their previous hoverboard the Swagway X1. Just to give you a little perspective on the price of the SwagTron, the only other UL 2272 self balancing electric, which is actually not a hoverboard, as it has a knees controlled handle in between, the Segway MiniPro, costs $999. Also the other well known hoverboardbrands which haven’t even got the US Govt. required UL 2272 certification, like the Phunkee Duck, IO Hawk etc. are in the range of $1400 and $1700.


This makes the SwagTron a truly fantastic hoverboard in terms of being the most advanced, safest and smartest and also being extremely reasonably priced.

Our conclusion after looking thought the current hoverboard market is: If you are buying a hoverboard, buy a SwagTron, or nothing else. It really is that good. The SwagTron can be purchased with a further $10 discount by using a coupon code. You will find that deal here.

Also, the UL 2272 certification has convinced Amazon of their safety and quality standards, so the SwagTrons are available on You can find the SwagTrons on right here.

If you do buy a SwagTron, then my request is that you come back here and put in a comment about your experience with the SwagTron. You’ll be helping a lot of people who are trying to decide on whether to buy a hoverboard or not and which one to buy.

See you later, alligator!

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