How to pressure wash a car and have a great time

By Roger Waldens | Guides

Nov 08
How to pressure wash a car

Hi there, great to be putting in a post again, this time on how to pressure wash a car! 

Well pressure washing a car is great fun, but you’ve got to be a little careful not to damage it by using too high water pressure. It is definitely way easier and faster than washing your car with a hose and your hands. Along with a much better result, pressure washing your car will mean using less water too. My suggestion is that you should not go and jump into pressure washing a car, you need to take some precautions and also be careful not to use very high pressure water jet.

Here is how you can pressure wash your car, have a great time and get a shining gleaming result.

1. It is best if your pressure washer has a variable jet spray. This means that you will be able to spray with enough pressure to clean off grime and stains and also to rinse the vehicle with detergent. Also it is best if your pressure washer has a long pressure hose so that you can easily reach all parts of the car without needing to tug along the pressure washer.

2. At first, you need to set the pressure washer nozzle to the widest and the lowest pressure. This will result in a gentle and fanned out jet of water.

3. Your pressure washer should have a built in detergent jar. Use the car detergents that have been recommended and get ready to start the first part.

4. It is recommended that before starting the pressure washing, you take a normal garden hose and rinse off the top layer of grime and dirt.

5. Now apply the water mixed with detergent with the nozzle at the widest and at the lowest power. Cover the entire car with the detergent water mix. Let the detergent layer stay for a while.

6. With a car cleaning brush remove the dirt that is most stubborn.

7. Important point to remember : The pressure setting of the spray jet has to be reduce when spraying the windows, lights and other more fragile areas of the car. Now try and clean off any grit that may be there. Clean the tyres in the end with the brush as there may be small stones or fragments that may damage the body of the car.

8. Now spray with the pressure washer a small area that is not visible (maybe under the fender), just to make sure that the pressure setting is not too high. Once you have cleaned that small experimental area, and the spray did no damage to the car’s paint, go ahead and spray the rest of the car.

9. Stand at least three to four feet away from the car to ensure that there is no damage to the car’s paint or body.

Tip 1: If your pressure washer has a nozzle option that can be angled upwards, it will make cleaning the car even easier.

Tip 2: Make sure that all the windows are properly closed.

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